R&R from Bangladesh in the early eighties included a trip to Northern Pakistan. Three pictures:

(1) Peshawar market stall  (Simon Watts)

Image: Pakistan, Peshawar market stall

(2)  Khyber Pass  (Simon Watts)

Image: Pakistan, Khyber Pass

(3)  Local bus in the Swat Valley  (Simon Watts)

Image: Pakistan: local bus in the Swat Valley

During my 2 years in Zimbabwe 1985-6, I visited Victoria Falls a number of times.
(1 and 2) These photos are taken from the Zambian side of the Falls. And (3) from the air  (Simon Watts)

Image: 1985 Victoria Falls view of Zambia from Zimbabwe

Image: Victoria falls, view from Zambia, 1986

Image: Victoria Falls from the air, 1985

I had a ground operations training posting to Muscat in The Oman in late 1979, a stunningly beautiful country with some great photo opportunities.....(1)  a local fishing boat on the beach next to Seeb airport in Muscat
(Simon Watts)

Image: Seeb, Oman

(2)  A citadel in the desert  (Simon Watts)

Image: 1979, Citadel in the desert, Oman

(3)  Omani Doorway, Muscat, 1979  (Simon Watts)

Image: Omani Doorway, Muscat, 1979

(4)  Villager in Nizwa, Oman who asked me in for tea!  (Simon Watts)

Image: Villager in Nizwa, Oman, who asked me in for tea

Time for a smoke in Pagan, Burma  (Simon Watts)

Image: Time for a smoke in Pagan, Burma

Statue at Pagan, Myanmar  (Simon Watts)

Image: Statue at pagan, Myanmar

(1)  Working Elephant on road to airport  (Simon Watts)

Image: Working Elephant on road to Airport, Negumbo, Sri Lanka

(2)  Beach scene in Hikkaduwa, 1981  (Simon Watts)

Image: Beach scene in Hikkaduwa, 1981

(Untitled)  Simon Watts


United Arab Emirates  (Simon Watts)

Image: United Arab Emirates

Corniche in Abu Dhabi  (Simon Watts)

Image: Corniche in Abu Dhabi

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