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The contributors to this website lived and worked overseas, generally in an urban or airport environment. Our business and social contacts with the local population were mainly with those who administered, worked in, or used civil aviation, and therefore had regular employment. We were perhaps shielded most of the time from the dire poverty that existed around us in some places, especially in Africa and on the Indian sub-continent. Nevertheless, we could not help being aware of it.

It was evident that most people, however few possessions they may possess, try to retain their pride and dignity. In the most extreme situations, material aid in the form of emergency food and medical supplies can help to combat starvation and disease temporarily but does not solve the underlying causes of poverty on a long-term basis. Worse, there is always the danger of people who are exposed to external aid for long periods coming to rely on it, sinking into apathy and losing dignity and the will to contribute to their own well-being.

The Charity PRACTICAL ACTION aims to attack the root causes of poverty by providing ‘Appropriate Technology’ and training to use it, to enable the poorest people in the world to improve their own lives. Providing access to safe, clean water, sanitation, energy, improved agricultural methods, building materials, transport are among the fields in which they operate, in collaboration with local people and many local and international organisations. Their website www.practicalaction.org tells more about the work they do.

This website is dedicated to the work of Practical Action. If you have a moment please visit their website, and, if you have enjoyed these stories, do support them with a donation if you can. It would be helpful if you would mention that you heard about PRACTICAL ACTION from this website. Thank you.


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