Ghana - the Watchman, by Anthony Farnfield (1966)

This letter relates to my first posting, Accra. A very enjoyable time we had there. We had quite forgotten this matter when one of us came across this letter in an old photo album. Now it is framed and hangs in the downstairs loo at home here in the High Weald of Kent.

I hardly recall the incident. But I can imagine Amadu nattering away in his own language dialect (Twi or Fanti more likely than not) and me not understanding a word. I probably thanked him profusely at the time and encouraged him to carry on the good work. He of course could not have written the letter. He would have gone to the market to an official letter writer.

B.O.A.C. Accra
20th January 1966

Dear Sir,
Kindly grant me the favour of an indulgence to trespass on your kind offices with this my humble complaint which I think will receive your immediate intervention.

In support of my humble complaint, I think it is time without number I have been calling your attention to the fact that the servants in the premises are trying to turn the whole place into a compound of brothels.

Yesterday, another astonishing thing happened. I do not know that when one of the workers who took permission to go home to see one of his relatives sick had given one of the keys to a woman who was always coming to sleep in the room. The astonishing thing is that this woman always bring assorted to come and sleep in the room.

I am stressing point on this because any day thieves might evade the place and it will seem that I am not efficient enough. I have been calling your attention to this point for quite a long time but anytime you promised to intervene you were leaving off the matter. I have long been in the services and I have not been interesting myself with such reports but I am now doing it in the interest of peace because the places that PUBLIC WOMEN step are usually dangerous.

I crave your sincere indulgence to intervene in this issue so that this type of nonsense might come to an end.

Thrusting that this will receive your kind attention and immediate action.

I have the honour to be,
Your Obedient Servant

signature of Amadu Busanga

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