Jamaica - Dr No by Mike McDonald (1964/1974)

Arriving just after Jamaica had gained its independence was as exciting a prospect as one could want, and being seconded to the Sales Manager Western Caribbean sounded like a marvellous project...
I was asked to “look” at Cayman Airways...However the abiding memory was of Dr No – the then hit James Bond first film...which was filmed on the Island...alas with the help of Panam! The film was remarkable because all the local parts were played by local personalities...Bond’s driver who he beats up on the way in from the Airport was a local radio announcer...

 Quizzing the local rep as we drove along the north shore towards Montego Bay, I asked where it was filmed.   “Right here” was the answer, and we pulled in to a petrol station, and there, parked behind the station was Dr No’s famous fire breathing Dragon...dumped – a piece of history.

One sad memory, though;  Ivor Bradley, who was the Sales Manager at the time of my secondment, was killed in the Turkish Airlines DC10 that crashed outside Paris some 7 years later...

And at this time the  Sales Manager in Jamaica was......me.


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