West Africa


The Watchman - Anthony Farnfield

(‘complaint of happenings on the premises’)


Willie on the Rampage - Pat Noujaim

(Station engineer's randy dachshund at work)

Things other than the World Cup - Don Ford
(trouble before the Biafran War)

Bush Telegraph - David Hogg
(a reliable source of news of the first revolution)

Boom Times - Peter Jones
(living in Lagos amid the traffic chaos of the building boom)

Nigeria and Concorde - Peter Jones
(early experiments with direct mail exceed expectations handsomely)

An Attempted Coup - Peter Jones
(dawn to dusk (!) curfew after head of state assassinated)

Never Knowingly Undersold - Peter Jones
(Travails with the Lagos Telephone Company)

Social Life - Peter Jones
(some expatriate tales)

Student Travel - Peter Jones
(a student's geography lesson)

Lagos Airport - Again! - Nick Robertson
(wild west {Africa})

East and Central Africa


Petrol Rationing - Doug Tester

(a solution to petrol rationing)


Nairobi 1956, etc. - Maurice Flanagan

(early days at Nairobi airports)

Frustrations of the Comet 4 - Don Ford
(improvisation needed to get everybody on board)

The Lobsters - Alan Hillman
(satisfactory outcome after VIPs offloaded)

Customer Service, Kenya Style - Simon Watts
(going the extra mile)

Nanyuki Wedding - Steve Sturton-Davies
(how a herd of elephants nearly ruined our wedding)


The President's Plane - Peter Woodrow

(Transport for the President to the Commonwealth Conference)


The Road to Kampala - Peter Liver

(an encounter with Amin’s troops on the airport road)

Exodus of the Uganda Asians - Mike Wickings
(organising the departure of Asians expelled by Idi Amin)

Kenneth's Mortars - John Anderson
(more trouble with Idi at Kampala Airport)


Jottings from the Copperbelt - Peter Jones
(living and working in Ndola)


North Africa


The Six Day War - Ron Colnbrook

(BOAC staff in a war zone)

Libya/Sudan (and Iraq)

The Personal and Confidential File - Roddy Wilson

(some of the mistakes I made in my career - but it didn’t seem to matter)


Monkeys in a Hangar - Ralph Glazer
(Monkey business aboard an Avro York freighter)

The Spirit of Christmas Past - Gerry Catling
(Christmas on East African Airways)

Unaccompanied Minors - Gerry Catling
(What teenagers get up to when travelling unaccompanied)

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