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A Shetland Story - Anthony McLaughlan
(dealing with disruptive passenger, Sheltland style)


Fog in London - Mike Lewin
(abortive meeting in London and nightmare trip back to Sofia with stranded passengers)


Suez and the Rocky Path of True Love - Gerry Catling

(Nicosia as assembly point for Suez invasion)

The Hijack - Bruce Fry
(after VC10 hijack, Nicosia becomes hub of BOAC Middle East services overnight)

The Turkish Invasion - Taff Lark
(Greek coup, EOKA-B take over Cyprus and Turkish forces invade)


From BSAA to the Berlin Airlift - Charlie Item Smith

(The Avro Tudor gets a second life as a fuel tanker)

Learning German - Larry Gorton
( new manager’s attempts to master language end in series of embarrassments)


The Secret of Fiumicino - Bill Smith

(determined not to repeat his mistakes in Trinidad, Bill starts a newsletter and eventually discovers his career path)


The Standoff - Roy Burnham

(the US president’s bodyguards try to take their guns on board)


Heidi’s Haggis - Mike Lewin

(a promise to the British Embassy of a Burns Night haggis leads to Mrs L making one out of pillowcases)

Russia (USSR)

Trans-Siberian Start-up - Brian Burgess

(recollections of the planning of BOAC services to Tokyo via Moscow)

Red Faces in Red Square - Bernard Garvie
(diplomatic incident with chandelier)

The Golf Lesson - Peter Richards
(More embarrassing scenes at the Ukraina Hotel)

The Omelette Factory - Peter Richards
(flying over Siberia)

The Security Guard - Peter Richards
(a Security Officer comes a cropper)

The Stewardess - Taff Lark
(shades of 007)

Domodedovo Airport - Mike McDonald
(following the crumbling of Aeroflot, some of the former management market ‘the house of my grandfather’ to foreign carriers)

Moscow Anecdotes - Jim Mackison
(living and working in Moscow)

Flight Planning over the Sahara - Alan Douglas

(practical flight planning with minimum data)

Dictatorship and Honour - Gerry Catling
(negotiating the minefields of personal honour and bureaucratic veniality in Franco’s Spain)


The Precision of the Swiss - Gerry Catling

(Swiss measurement of take off noise – the Super VC10 is not a noisy aircraft’)

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