Kano, Nigeria - Willie on the Rampage, by Pat Noujaim (1959)

I was in Kano in 1959 with my then husband, a ground engineer. The station engineer there was the proud owner of "Willie" – quite the randiest dachshund in Northern Nigeria! His offspring were to be seen in various shapes and sizes all over the Government Residential Area in Kano.

One day, accompanying his "Dad" to the airfield, he caught the irresistible scent of a lady dog being loaded onto the London bound aircraft - and promptly vanished. The aircraft rolled off the tarmac (no pushback then) and proceeded as usual to the end of the runway to prepare for take off.

Then - an anguished cry from the pilot to air traffic control: "I've got a b....y dog on here somehow and I'm not coming back." Panic ensued as the station engineer seized the nearest vehicle, roared down to the aircraft at the end of the runway to receive "Willie" as he was ignominiously lowered out of the crew door. His reputation rose even higher. Obviously he had been well named...

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